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Syrian Gov’t Grants Amnesty to Hundreds of Militants in Wadi Al-Bardi Region

16 January 2017 14:41



Syria announced on Monday that over 1,200 militants in Northwestern Damascus have been granted government amnesty.

Sources disclosed through the Russian Defense Ministry’s bulletin that over 1,200 militant that had laid down their arms and joined the nationwide peace agreement have been granted government amnesty and have returned to normal life in Wadi al-Bardi, adding that the rest of the militants that did not intend to join the peace plan with the Syrian Army have left the region for Idlib along with their families.

“Two of the nine towns in Wadi al-Bardi region in the Damascus province (Hosseiniyeh and Bargaliyeh) have signed ceasefire agreements. Meantime, representatives of the other seven towns (Kafr al-Awamid, al-Souq Wadi al-Bardi, Deir Qanoun, Deir Makran, Kafr al-Zeit, Basimeh and Ein al-Fijeh) have expressed willingness to join the truce agreement. In total, 1,268 insurgents have left these towns,” the Russian Defense Ministry’s bulletin said.

The Russian Defense Ministry pointed out that most of the militants had laid arms and returned to peaceful life.

“The rest have received an opportunity to leave for Idlib province with their families,” the bulletin added.

On Sunday, the army troops continued their military operations against the terrorists in Western Ghouta and captured the strategic town of Ein al-Khazra in Wadi al-Bardi region.

The winning back of Ein al-Khazra comes right after the Syrian army regained control of the strategic villages of Basimeh and Ein al-Fijeh in Wadi al-Bardi region.

The Syrian army’s advances came after killing tens of terrorists and fleeing of many others.

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