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Hanna: We reject relocating US embassy to Jerusalem

18 January 2017 20:48



Atalla Hanna, Greek Orthodox archbishop of Sebastia, said on Wednesday that the Palestinian people will not yield to any blackmail or pressure aiming to undermine their determination, dignity, and national constants which are completely non-negotiable.

This came during a meeting on Wednesday between Archbishop Hanna and a delegation of American university students who came to the Palestinian territories in a research visit and to express their solidarity and sympathy with the Palestinian people.

The delegation visited a number of Palestinian provinces and met with many officials. They arrived today in Jerusalem and started their visit to the holy city by meeting Archbishop Atalla Hanna.

Archbishop Hanna briefed the delegation about the situation in the Palestinian territories especially in Jerusalem showing the Palestinian people’s refusal of the new US administration’s threats to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem. “This threat is a provocative act that cannot be accepted by any Palestinian, Arab or free man in this world,” he said.

He added that regardless of the American politicians’ statements, there are people in Palestine under occupation who fight for their freedom and dignity and have national aspirations.

He stressed that the US political leadership’s ignorance of the rights of the Palestinian people doesn’t mean they don’t exist.


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