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Islamic Jihad: Jailers have until February to end detainees’ isolation

18 January 2017 11:34



The leading committee of Islamic Jihad prisoners has given the Israeli prison service until February 1st to end the solitary confinement of five detainees from the Movement, including top official Anas Jaradat in Ashkelon jail.

The other four Islamic Jihad prisoners are Husni Issa, Munir Abu Rabie, Abdullah Abu Daher and Sa’ied Saleh. They are being isolated in Eshel jail.

According to Sahaat as-Sujoon (prison yards) Office, an Islamic Jihad Facebook page, the committee’s decision to give the Israeli jailers a specific date for ending the isolation of the five detainees was taken after its talks in this regard with director of Ramon jail failed.

Head of the committee Zaid Basiso warned that the Israeli refusal to release the detainees from solitary confinement would be met with protest steps by the prisoners in all jails.


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