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“Quranic teachings to be promoted worldwide”

18 January 2017 11:46



In a meeting with a Quranic activist in the Iranian city of Qom, Ayatollah Jafar Sobhani, a prominent cleric, pointed out some of the unique features of Quran saying, “ One of the main features of Quran is its simplicity of stories in a way that everyone is able to comprehend their messages.”
Ayatollah Sobhani added, “While the holy Quran is comprehensible for all people, it still entails some of the most complicated subtleties; even the greatest of philosophers and scholars have only been able to interpret its concepts partially.”

“Another unique feature of Quran is its inclusiveness; the holy Quran has been revealed to guide all mankind toward felicity.” Ayatollah Sobhani added.

“One of the most significant parts of Quran is its ancient stories; Quranic stories are different than any others since they narrate real historical events and happenings. This originality of Quranic stories accounts for the great influence of Quran on peoples’ lives.”

Ayatollah Sobhani concluded, “In publishing Quranic books in different languages one must be very careful to provide the best quality translations so as to not cause any problems in promoting its original concepts and teachings.”

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