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Syrian Army Drives Terrorists out of More Lands in Wadi Al-Bardi

18 January 2017 22:51



Syrian Army troops continued their advances against terrorist groups in Northwestern Damascus, fortifying more positions in Ein al-Fijeh village.

A military source said that the army men that took full control of the key villages of Basimeh and Ein al-Khazra a couple of days ago have now prevailed over terrorists’ defense lines in Ein al-Fijeh and have fortified more positions there.

The source further added that the army soldiers that are deployed in the surrounding heights of Ein al-Fijeh have been monitoring terrorists’ movements to gather information on their military plans.

The source added that as the main drinking water reservoirs of Damascus are in Ein al-Fijeh, and stated, “The army is carrying out its operation in this region very carefully and slowly without the back up of the country’s fighter jets to avoid damaging the water facilities in the region.”

Meantime, the caves that stretch around Ein al-Fijeh have also slowed down army’s operation, as some militants are hiding in these caves.

Syrian media said that simultaneous with Syrian army’s advances inside Ein al-Fijeh, the terrorist groups are setting fire on people’s houses in the village.

The army troops continued their military operations against the terrorists in Western Ghouta and captured the strategic town of Ein al-Khazra in Wadi al-Bardi region on Sunday morning.

The winning back of Ein al-Khazra comes right after the Syrian army regained control of the strategic villages of Basimeh.

The Syrian army’s advances came after killing tens of terrorists and fleeing of many others.


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