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Iran’s Deputy FM Calls for Int’l Effort to Cease All Hostilities in Syria

23 January 2017 16:36



The international community should work together to suppress the “vicious cycle of violence and terrorism” in Syria by making efforts to hinder terrorist groups’ acquisition of resources and manpower, Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab-African Affairs Hossein Jaberi Ansari said in Kazakhstan’s Astana on Monday.

Ansari, who is leading Iran’s delegation in the Astana peace talks, also called upon “all friends of Syria” to lift any sanctions or blockage which would hinder reconstruction, or the return home of displaced people.

“The international community should join efforts to curb the illegal transfer of arms, financial aids and fighters into Syria that enables the terrorist groups to continue suppressing the local population and commencing chains of armed confrontations anywhere in the country,” Ansari said in Astana, as quoted by Mehr news agency.

Ansari has called on the parties at the talks to denounce violence and respect ceasefire and cessation of “all kinds of hostilities.” He expressed hope that both the Syrian government and opposition would reach an agreement that would result in free elections and an end to the crisis.

“The Syrian government and the Syrian opposition, helped by the tripartite initiative, can start a dialog to reach a political solution that ends in free, inclusive and transparent elections based on national unity and territorial integrity. Upon successful completion of this process, we hope to see the end of Syrian crisis,” Ansari said.

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