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Syria: ISIL Offensive Repulsed Southeast of Aleppo Province

26 January 2017 15:28

Tens of ISIL militants attacked the Syrian army positions from the Southern parts of al-Jaboul lake in Southeastern Aleppo but their offensive was repulsed after heavy clashes and casualties.

The terrorists attacked the Syrian army positions in the recently-purged heights of Khanasser with the hope of reoccupying the heights again but their offensive was warded off by the army units and their allies.

Nearly 20 ISIL terrorists were killed and wounded during the clashes and several of their military vehicles were smashed.

The Syrian army troops have cleansed 15sq/km of the Eastern parts of Khanasser town which includes a number of heights and villages in line with operations to establish security on the strategic Aleppo-Khanasser-Ithriya road.

On Tuesday, the army soldiers had hit ISIL’s positions in the Western direction of Khanasser road and managed to advance against militants in Shabis mountain.

A military source disclosed on Wednesday that a large number of Syrian army’s fresh forces and a large volume of military equipment have arrived in the Eastern parts of Aleppo province to reinvigorate government forces for a new phase of anti-ISIL operation in the region.

The sources said that a convoy of fresh forces and equipment of the army has arrived in Eastern Aleppo to take part in an imminent anti-ISIL operation in the regions surrounding the towns of al-Bab and Deir Hafer in next few days.

The army’s Special Forces have liberated over 20 regions from ISIL only after a few days of attacks East of Aleppo province.

The military source went on to say that the army is now in direct contact with the Turkey-led Euphrates Shield Operation’s forces after the liberation of 20 regions in Eastern Aleppo by its special forces.

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