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Syrian Army launches surprise offensive in Qalamoun

28 January 2017 16:12


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) launched a surprise offensive in the Qalamoun Mountains of rural Damascus on Friday night, targeting Islamic State (ISIS) positions in the eastern slopes of this mountain chain.

The Syrian Arab Army began the assault by storming the Al-Mahsaa mountain axis; this resulted in a fierce battle with the Islamic State forces on Friday night and Saturday morning.

Following the assault on the Al-Mahsaa mountain axis, the Syrian Arab Army announced the capture of the Al-Qatiya Mountain after overrunning the jihadist defenses on Saturday.


Leading the charge to liberate the eastern slopes of the Qalamoun Mountains is the Qalamoun Shield of the 3rd Armored Division; they have been involved in several offensives in this region, but mostly against the Islamic State forces.

With this latest attack in the Qalamoun Mountains, the Syrian Arab Army has now opened 4 axes against the Islamic State forces around the country.



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