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Syrian Army rapidly advancing in new areas of East Ghouta

29 January 2017 23:38


Syrian Army has rapidly advanced in East a Ghouta after capturing Hawsh Al-Zariqyah over two weeks ago.

The 105th Brigade of the Republican Guards have now entered Hawsh Al-Salihyah after storming it.

The Syrian forces have entered from the eastern axis and are advancing towards the river that divides the Zariqyah farms area from Salhiyah farms.


The jihadist forces are providing stiff resistance resulting in heavy clashes as the town remains imperative for the wider control of the region.

If Hawsh Al-Salhiyah is liberated, it puts the Syrian Army in prime position to liberate Al-Nashabiyah and militant-held parts of Tall Firzat will be surrounded and under fire control.

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