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Syria: US Army Deploys Forces in Southern Hasaka

31 January 2017 14:57


Media sources disclosed that several vehicles carrying US soldiers and fighters of the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) had been seen on a road towards Southern Hasaka near the borders with Deir Ezzur and Raqqa provinces.

Asia news quoted an informed source as saying that a number of vehicles carrying US army men and YPG forces headed towards al-Maleheh region via the old road in Southeast Hasaka.

Asia news added that the US army deployed its forces in Sabah al-Kheir silos 17 km to the South of Hasaka yesterday.

The source went on to say that this is the first time that the US has deployed forces in Badiyeh (desert) al-Jazeereh.

Asia news went on to say that Sabah al-Kheir is among the regions controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the YPG forces are tasked with guarding the region due to its importance.

“Possibly, the US forces will use this position as a base to lead their ground operations,” the source told Asia news.

Media sources disclosed earlier this month that Washington and Ankara were about to set up military bases in two Northern provinces of Aleppo and Hasaka.

The Arabic language al-Hadath news reported that the Democratic Union Party would evacuate its forces from its military base in Tal Bidar North of Hasaka city to pave the ground for the US to establish a new military base in the province.

Meantime, a source said that Tal Bidar base would be used by the US as a new base as arms cargos were arriving in there through land and air.

Meanwhile, ARA news reported that Turkey had also a plan to build a military base in the village of Kaljabrin in Northern Aleppo. Ankara had been dispatching military hardware to the village in large scale.

Turkey brought military equipment to Kaljabrin from the regions of al-Rai and Tal al-Hmar near the Syria-Turkey borders.

Turkey deployed forces in different parts of Kaljabrin, erecting defense barriers, including trenches and barbed wire.

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