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Syrian Army ambush in East Ghouta wipes out a group of Jaish al-Islam terrorists

1 February 2017 14:44


In the gradually collapsing militant bastion of East Ghouta, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has carried out an ambush against militants belonging to the Jaish al-Islam group.

According to pro-government sources, the SAA ambush took place just behind enemy lines, inside the northern part of the town of Riyhan. Here, the SAA troops infiltrated the lines and awaited Jaish al-Islam militants to enter their zone of fire.

The attack was carried out by a specially-trained SAA raiding party using only the small arms (namely assault rifles) which they could carry (no heavy fire support assets, such as artillery, were used) and resulted in the death of 8 militants from the Jaish al-Islam militant group. Those Islamists who were not killed in the gunfire fled the scene of the ambush.


The entire operation was made possible due to accurate intelligence provided by local spies from within the militant-held areas who nonetheless secretly cooperate with the pro-government forces.

The raid is but one of many similar operations that have been carried out by pro-government forces in the past to erode the defensive capabilities of militant forces within the East Ghouta pocket and soften up the front for large-scale advances.

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