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Syrian Army Regains 8 Villages in Homs & Deir Ezzor within Past 24 Hours from ISIL

2 February 2017 17:15


The Syrian army continued on Wednesday striking ISIL terrorists in various provinces as the Russian reconciliation center in Hmeimim announced that the governmental troops managed within the past 24 hours to regain control over 8 villages in Homs and Deir Ezzor countryside from the takfiri group.

Damascus Countryside

An army  unit carried out concentrated strikes against movements and infiltration points of ISIL terrorists to the east of al-Sein airport in northeastern Damascus Countryside.

A military source told SANA that the army unit killed a number of ISIL terrorists in the strikes and destroyed a tank and a vehicle equipped with a machinegun used by the terrorists.

Deir Ezzor

Army units, in cooperation with supporting forces and with aerial support, targeted ISIL gatherings and positions in the surroundings of Deir Ezzor city.

SANA’s correspondent in Deir Ezzor said that any army unit used a guided missile to destroy a machinegun-equipped vehicle for ISIL in the surroundings of the supplying brigade south of the city.

He added that the Syrian Air Force carried out a series of airstrikes on ISIL positions in the surroundings of the graveyards area, Jenaid battalion, and the supplying brigade south of the city, which inflicted losses in personnel and equipment upon the terrorists.


A military source told SANA that army units established full control over a large area about 15 km long and 25km wide which includes Fidda well, Fidda farm, and al-Hayr al-Gharbi castle to the south of T4 Airport 25 km in the countryside of Homs province, inflicting heavy losses in personnel and equipment upon ISIL terrorists.

Earlier, a military source said that army units destroyed 6 machinegun-equipped vehicles for ISIL in Ayed al-Hassoun hill and Oum al-Kheir hills in the eastern countryside of Homs province.

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