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VIDEO shows spectacular Yemeni raid on zionist rabid dod Saudi regime’s military base

3 February 2017 13:31


A Saudi border guard has been killed after a mine blast in Saudi Arabia’s southwestern province of Jizan, on the border with Yemen, the Saudi Interior Ministry says.

The Saudi soldier died at the hospital as a result of severe injuries sustained in the mine blast, the ministry said on Thursday.

Many Saudis forces have been killed along the Yemeni border since Saudi Arabia launched military intervention against Yemen two years ago.

Yemeni forces have been fighting the Saudi invaders back including by launching retaliatory measures along the Saudi border or inside Saudi Arabia.

Footage has recently emerged showing Yemeni forces attacking and destroying Saudi Arabia’s al-Moqran military base in Jizan.

The Riyadh regime and its regional and Western partners, including the US, have accused Iran of shipping arms to Yemen’s Ansarullah fighters, who have been allied with the Yemeni military against Saudi Arabia. Tehran has strongly rejected the claim as baseless.

On Wednesday, US National Security Adviser Michael Flynn accused Iran of a “destabilizing behavior across the Middle East.” He also pointed to a Monday attack by Yemen’s Ansarullah fighters on a Saudi warship near the port city of Hudaydah.

In response to the latest accusation, the Yemeni Foreign Ministry issued a statement condemning Washington’s efforts to link Yemen’s military actions to Iran. The statement said that the destruction of the Saudi warship had enraged the Saudi-led forces, prompting them to make baseless allegations against Iran.

The Yemeni forces attacked the warship in Yemen’s territorial waters as an act of self-defense in response to the Saudi war on Yemen and Riyadh’s dispatching of terrorists and mercenaries to the country, the statement read.

The ministry stressed that the Saudi war in Yemen will fail, and that security and stability will be restored to the Red Sea and the Bab al-Mandeb Strait once Saudi Arabia ends the aggression, lifts the blockade on Yemen, and starts looking for a political solution that maintains the dignity of the Yemeni people.

The anti-Iran accusations have surfaced again as Saudi Arabia and its mercenaries have been suffering major blows on the battleground at the hands of Yemen’s Houthi fighters and allied armed forces.

Political analysts believe that such allegations are aimed at covering up the failure of the government in Riyadh and its allies to achieve their goals in the impoverished Arab country.

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