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Hamas slams Washington’s remarks on Israel’s settlements

5 February 2017 8:52


The Hamas Movement has denounced the US administration’s recent statement about Israel’s settlements, saying its remarks in this regard will be used by Israel as a cover to expand its settlement activities over the occupied Palestinian lands.

In a press release on Saturday, Hamas spokesman Hazem Qasem also criticized some Palestinian Authority officials for applauding Washington’s statement on settlements and seeing it as a step in the right direction.

“The growing US bias in favor of the Israeli occupation that intersects with the [Palestinian] Authority’s frivolous political performance would encourage the occupation to escalate its aggressive attack and rebellion against all international resolutions that reject its settlement activities,” Qasem said.

The Hamas spokesman urged the Palestinian people from all spectra to adopt a unified resistance-based program to confront Israel’s settlement expansion in all areas of Palestine and curb its settlers’ crimes.

A spokesman for the White House said Thursday that the Trump administration does not believe that settlements are “an impediment to peace” between the Palestinians and Israelis but that building new settlements or expanding existing ones “may not be helpful in achieving that goal.”


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