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Syrian Army Reinvigorates Security of Aleppo Countryside

5 February 2017 8:31


The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces announced that the Syrian army has established control over 32 towns and farms during the military operation it carried out against ISIL terrorists in the Northeastern countryside of Aleppo Province.

“The army units in cooperation with the supporting forces and the allies liberated, in the large-scale military operation it has launched for 20 days against ISIL terrorist organization, more than 32 towns and farms with a total area of 250 square kilometers,” the General Command said, adding that army troops have also established control over Aleppo-al-Bab highway.

The General Command underlined that the army units stormed fortifications, demined hundreds of explosives and destroyed tens of tunnels of ISIL, inflicting heavy losses upon it in weaponry and personnel.

It pointed out that this achievement expands the range of security surrounding the city of Aleppo and constitutes a platform for improving the military operations against ISIL and increasing the areas controlled by the Syrian Army including the roads connecting the Northern and Eastern areas.

Syrian Army troops have launched military operation in Eastern Aleppo to drive ISIL terrorists out of more lands near Kuweires airbase to pave the ground for the liberation of the towns of al-Bab and Deir Hafer.

Army men, backed by Syrian and Russian bombers, killed tens of ISIL terrorists, including field commanders and high-ranking Emirs of ISIL, destroying several military columns of terrorists during the operation in Eastern Aleppo.

Field sources said that al-Bab is of strategic importance and can be considered as the key to the Eastern part of the province, adding that al-Bab and Deir Hafer are the gates to Raqqa province and their liberation will pave the way for the army to take back Raqqa, the ISIL’s self-proclaimed capital in Syria.

According to latest reports, the Syrian army from South and Southwest, Turkish army from North and Northwest and Kurdish groups form East have laid siege on ISIL-held al-Bab.

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