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Turkish Army Loses Key Town to ISIL in Northern Syria

5 February 2017 18:50


The Turkey-led Euphrates Shield Operation forces withdrew from a key town near al-Bab in Northern Aleppo after their positions came under heavy attack by ISIL.

ISIL engaged in several-hour-long clashes with the Turkish army in the town of al-Baza’ah and managed to capture the town, inflicting heavy casualties on the Turkish soldiers and their allied militants.

The ISIL stormed the positions of the Turkish soldiers and Ankara-backed militants with several bomb-laden suicide vehicles and bombers, inflicting major casualties on the Euphrates Shield Operation’s forces.

ISIL’s attack was very heavy and caused the Turkish army and allied militants to retreat from al-Baza’ah and move to the adjacent village of al-Saflaniyeh, locals reported.

In relevant developments in the province on Friday, ISIL targeted a gathering of Turkish soldiers and Ankara-backed militant groups in a small town near al-Bab East of Aleppo province, killing seven and wounding at least four more.

ISIL opened heavy fire at a gathering of the Turkey-led Euphrates Shield Operation to the North of the town of Baza’ah, killing seven Turkish soldiers and their affiliated militants and wounding four more.


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