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ISIL Facing Shortage of Forces in Raqqa, Sending Administrative Staff to Battlefields

7 February 2017 14:26


Local sources in Northeastern Syria disclosed that ISIL has decided to use the terrorist group’s administrative staff in the battlefronts after a large number of its members escaped Raqqa.

The sources said that ISIL has been faced with severe shortage of fighters and have found no way to overcome the problem but dispatching its administrative personnel to the battlefronts, after its field forces fled the ISIL-held regions in groups.

“ISIL has threatened those members that have not thus far joined battle with death and cut of salary,” they added.

On Sunday, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) continued the third phase of their Euphrates Rage Operation and advanced against ISIL, taking control over two villages and a large farm.

The Kurdish fighters advanced against ISIL from two different directions.

The SDF stared attacking ISIL’s positions from al-Makan region and pushed the ISIL members back from the village of Abu Natali and Hadi.

In the meantime, the Kurdish fighters carried out another attack on ISIL’s defense lines from the village of Khaniz and seized control over Doqan farm.

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