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Islamic Jihad: Israel fully responsible for its military escalation against Gaza

7 February 2017 14:47

The Islamic Jihad Movement has held the Israeli occupation state fully responsible for any serious developments resulting from its military escalation against the Gaza Strip.

Spokesman for Islamic Jihad Dawoud Shihab stated on Monday that his Movement would not allow Israel to address its internal problems through attacking Gaza, but he affirmed that it does not seek to escalate the field situation following its aggression.

Shihab said that the Palestinian resistance in Gaza always honored the ceasefire deal and showed restraint for many years despite all the violations that had been committed by the Israeli army in full view of the whole world.

He called for an immediate end to Israel’s attacks against Gaza, adding that the Islamic Jihad would remain poised for any scenario.

In this regard, the Hamas Movement said it would not allow Israel to continue attacking the population in Gaza, affirming that any response to the aggression would be agreed upon with other resistance factions.


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