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President hails major achievements of Islamic Revolution

8 February 2017 10:07


President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday that Iran’s Islamic system, independence and national sovereignty are great achievements of the county’s Islamic Revolution in 1979.

Addressing a session of High Council of Cultural Revolution, the President said that bigger scientific and cultural advancements and social services to the public are another major achievements of the Islamic movement.

President Rouhani made the remarks on the verge of the 38th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran which falls this year on February 10 (Friday).

Millions of Iranians mark the occasion each year by staging huge rallies nationwide.

Calling for a massive turnout on the February 10 rallies, President Rouhani said, “Under current global circumstances, it is necessary for us to maintain our unity and stand against foreigners’ plots.”

It is a source of honor to see the people were present in the scene over the past 38 years with the same passion they had in the earlier days of the Revolution and have safeguarded the Islamic system against all plots.

Noting that during the term of the defunct Shah Mohammad-Reza Pahlavi, the Iranian government was an instrument in the hands of the US-led global arrogance, the president said that today, in light of the Islamic Revolution, Iran is a powerful, respectable and influential country in the regional and international developments.

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