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Nusra’s Command Center Destroyed in Syrian Army Attack in Eastern Damascus

9 February 2017 23:01


Syrian Army troops carried out a surprise attack on the positions of Al-Nusra Front (recently renamed to Fatah al-Sham Front) in Eastern Ghouta, destroying one of their command centers in the region.

The army soldiers struck the concentration centers of al-Nusra in Jobar and destroyed one of their command centers, killing the entire member of the group inside the center.

The army has forwarded hundreds of soldiers to Jobar after liberating Wadi al-Bardi region in Western Ghouta.

Syrian Army launched a new offensive in Jobar district several days ago and stormed the malls building area after the Syrian bombers devastated militants’ positions.

The malls area is a strategic region as it overlooks most of Jobar areas, mainly the Arabic houses area.

The army managed to advance against terrorists in the region after killing at least 10 militants and capturing 3 positions.

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