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Millions March against bullying power US on Marking Revolution Anniversary

10 February 2017 13:26


Millions of Iranians marched in nationwide rallies on the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic revolution Friday.

President Hassan Rouhani joined hundreds of thousands at an anniversary march through the capital, one of dozens of such events around the country.

Rouhani said the marches were against response to the new US administration and a rejection of “threatening language” of President Donald Trump.

Placards bearing slogans against Trump were brandished by the marchers as they weaved their way through the streets of the capital in the wintry fog to the central Azadi (Freedom) Square.

One placard showed a caricature of Trump being punched by a hand wearing a bracelet of the Iranian flag.

“Thanks Mr. Trump for revealing true face of the US,” said another placard echoing comments made by Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Sayyed  Ali Khamenei in a speech this week.

“Iranians are not scared of threats,” said another, bearing the faces of Trump, British Prime Minister Theresa May and her Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu.

At Friday’s marches, the traditional “Down with America” slogans were everywhere.

Rouhani was among a raft of top officials who attended the march in Tehran.

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who negotiated the nuclear deal was there.

So too was Major General Qassem Suleimani, head of the foreign operations arm of the elite Revolutionary Guards.

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