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Euphrates Rage Operation Forces Drive ISIL out of 700sq/km of Land in Raqqa

12 February 2017 18:09


The Kurdish troops have pushed ISIL back from 700 sq/km of land in Raqqa province in the third phase of the Euphrates Rage Operation, the Kurdish forces’ operation room announced Sunday.

The Euphrates Rage Operation said in a statement that ISIL has withdrawn from 98 villages and farms in the first nine days of the third phase of anti-ISIL operation in Raqqa.

The statement added that 124 ISIL members have been killed and nine others have been captured by the Kurdish forces.

The statement further said that several canons, several vehicles carrying heavy weapons, 63 tunnels, 3 bomb-laden suicide vehicles and three drones were destroyed in Kurdish forces’ operation, while 1,256 landmines were defused by engineering units.

On Saturday, the Kurdish-led SDF purged ISIL terrorists from the villages of Dokhan, Beir Saeed, Moshrefeh (Beir Fezeh, Abu Natali, al-Hadi and Sanineh in the Northeastern countryside of Raqqa.

The Kurdish fighters then engaged in fierce clashes with ISIL and seized control over the village of Ma’eizileh located in the 20km North of Raqqa city.

The SDF also drove ISIL out of the villages of Mleihan and Badra’iyeh in the Northern countryside of Raqqa city and deployed in lands only seven kilometers to the city.

The Kurdish fighters also pushed ISIL back form the regions of Jisr Shanin and al-Aqtan.

Kurdish media reports said ISIL started retreat after suffering casualties and loss of military grid in the attacks.

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