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Latest battlefield update from east Aleppo: map

12 February 2017 18:22


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continued their large-scale offensive in the eastern countryside of Aleppo today, liberating two villages at the northeastern perimeter of the strategic Kuweires Military Airport.

Led by their Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army reportedly stormed Al-Mansourah and Khirbat Al-Jahaash in east Aleppo, liberating these two villages after overrunning the Islamic State’s (ISIS) positions this afternoon.

Meanwhile at the southern perimeter of Tadef in the Al-Bab Plateau, the Tiger Forces are currently trying to enter this strategic town; however, they have yet to make any headway due to the Islamic State’s well-fortified defenses.

These latest government advances in east Aleppo come just two hours after the Turkish-backed Euphrates Shield forces seized the northern entrance of Al-Bab.

With their forces all but cutoff from southern Al-Bab as a result of the Euphrates Shield’s capture of the Tadef roundabout, the Syrian Arab Army will likely turn their attention east towards the imperative city of Deir Hafer, where they will look to liberate the last Islamic State stronghold in the Aleppo Governorate.



Source: Almasdarnews

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