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Turkish Army allied FSA terrorists’ Further Advance Blocked after More Towns Joined Peace with Syrian Army

12 February 2017 12:59

Sources in Syria’s Northern Aleppo province said that the further advance of the Turkish soldiers and Ankara-backed militants of the Euphrates Shield Operation has grown impossible after a number of militant-held towns and villages in the region signed peace agreements with the Syrian Army.

The sources said that the Syrian army has concluded peace agreement with militants in six key villages including Tal Rifat, Minag and surrounding villages with the cooperation of the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria.

They added that based on the agreement government bodies and institutions will resume operation in the towns and villages of Northern Aleppo to start rendering services to people.

The sources underlined that after more towns endorsed peace with Syrian government, the army has actually closed off the path of the Turkish army and its allied militant groups for any further advances in the region.

On Thursday, militants in more towns in Northern Aleppo laid down arms and endorsed the peace agreement with Damascus.

Representatives in several towns in Northern Aleppo inked peace agreements with the Syrian Army, pledging to protect security in the Northern territories of the province.

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