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Syrian Army continues to advance west of Palmyra: map

14 February 2017 18:55


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is steadily advancing inside the western countryside of Palmyra, liberating several points from the Islamic State (ISIS) forces in the Badiyah region.

Earlier today, the Syrian Arab Army’s 5th Legion, alongside Hezbollah and the 18th Tank Division, liberated the strategic Hayyan Gas Fields after a quick battle with the Islamic State terrorists.

Following the liberation of these gas fields, the Syrian Arab Army pushed further east towards the desert village of Al-Bayarat, where they were confronted by the same Islamic State terrorists that retreated from Hayyan.

While the 5th Legion attempts to capture Bayarat, the 800th Battalion of the Republican Guard is pushing north towards the Al-Mahr Gas Fields.

According to a military source, the 800th Battalion has liberated several points south of the Al-Mahr Gas Fields, leaving them at the outskirts of this strategic site located 45km away from Palmyra.


Source: almasdarnews

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