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Syrian Army’s Large-Scale Anti-ISIL Operation in Deir Ezzur

15 February 2017 15:37


Informed sources in Eastern Syria disclosed that the Syrian Army troops in Deir Ezzur have been significantly reinvigorated after the arrival of fresh forces and advanced equipment as they are getting ready to kick off a large-scale operation to seize back the lands lost to the ISIL terrorists.

The sources said that a large volume of advanced military hardware have been dispatched form the town of Qamishli in Northeastern Syria to Deir Ezzur’s military airport in recent weeks, boosting the army men’s combat capabilities to launch an imminent anti-ISIL operation in the region.

In the meantime, the Arabic language al-Hadath news reported that simultaneous with boosting the army’s combat capabilities via sending more equipment, the army has dispatched its experienced commanders to Deir Ezzur to lead the army soldiers in their imminent operation against ISIL terrorists in the region in coming days.

Field sources disclosed late in January that a large number of army soldiers and popular forces were transferred by the Syrian Air Force to Deir Ezzur to partake in a large-scale imminent operation against ISIL terrorists in the province.

The sources said that Syrian Air Force managed successfully to transfer several units of government forces to Qamishli airport on Russia-made Ilyoushin planes and then to Deir Ezzur by MI-17 helicopters to join their comrades in the province to take back lost lands to the ISIL in a large-scale operation.

Several Russian IL-76 planes transferred a large number of the army soldiers to Qamishli airport on January 22-23 at night, and then the MI-17 helicopters transferred them to Deir Ezzur city.

A military source said that hundreds more of soldiers would arrive in the province to join the army’s anti-ISIL operation.

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