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VIDEO: Syrian planes airdrop tons of food to civilians besieged by ISIS in Deir Ezzor

15 February 2017 15:49


Upwards of 100,000 beleaguered residents in government-held districts of Deir Ezzor are continuously suffering through a three-year old siege imposed by ISIS on the city.

While fierce clashes are ongoing on the perimeter of Deir Ezzor Airbase, members of the Red Crescent are working overtime to distribute food sponsored by the U.N’s World Food Programme and delivered by Syrian cargo planes.

The siege of Deir Ezzor is unlikely to end any time as the nearest Syrian government forces are stationed some 200 kilometers to the west of the city.

However, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) have vowed to relieve Deir Ezzor once the campaign to liberate Mosul and Tall Afar has come to an end.

Video credits to Alikhbaria Channel.

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