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Aleppo’s ancient underground city that was destructed by terrorists

16 February 2017 14:17


The six year long Syrian conflict has left the country’s cultural and historical legacy in danger, as looters and terrorists taint many ancient sites.

One of Syria’s historical jewels, Aleppo, has suffered immensely from the nonstop bloodshed plaguing the country.

Most recently, the Syrian authorities discovered that the ancient city located under Aleppo had its artifacts plundered by the rebel fighters that once controlled the area.

The ancient city located under the Sabaa Bahrat District in the Old Aleppo Quarter was visited by government officials this week after the entire area was demined by Syrian and Russian engineers.

What they discovered upon visiting the ancient site was that most of the artifacts had been strolen from their historical home, leaving them to conclude that these Syrian heirlooms were likely sold by the thieves in neighboring countries.

Most of the artifacts, including the gold, had been taken from the ancient underground city and likely smuggled to Turkey, where the thieves could sell them for a profit.

Since this ancient city was discovered by archeologists in 2009, most of the artifacts from this site are unknown to the world.

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