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Commander: Gaza weapons are directed at Israeli occupation only

16 February 2017 7:36


Major General Tawfiq Abu Naim, the Deputy Minister of Interior, said on Wednesday that the weapons of the Gaza Strip have a single duty which is resisting the Israeli occupation.

This came during a ceremony organized by the Palestinian police to display its achievements during the year of 2016. The ceremony was attended by MP Khalil al-Hayya, and Tayseer al-Batesh, Director General of the police in the Gaza Strip, and a number of security chiefs and heads of departments in the ministry and the police.

Abu Naim pointed out that the police work continued throughout the past year despite the lack of staff, equipment, and offices.

He added that the Ministry of Interior is now training 500 new individuals to enroll them soon in the police and security services, noting that this number doesn’t even satisfy the minimum needs of the ministry.

Zulfiqar Sweirjo, a leader with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, said, “There are achievements that we are proud of in the police work.”

Sweirjo affirmed that there is constant communication between civil society and the police forces in all departments, pointing out that regular visits are conducted to all centers and departments to overview the accomplishments.

Major General al-Batesh affirmed that the police are working hard for the good of Gazan people despite the lack of resources, hoping that 2017 will be the year of security and stability, and calling on the Gazan society to cooperate with the police to achieve this.



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