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Iran: Foreign Troops’ Presence in Region Main Cause of Crises, Tensions

17 February 2017 13:05


Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi blasted foreign countries over their military presence in the region, and renewed Tehran’s support for regional stability and peace.

“The regional stability has to be provided and fortified by the countries of the region without foreign intervention,” Qassemi said.

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman reiterated that as Iran has reaffirmed before, its missile tests are in the direction of its defense agenda and does not violate any of international commitments Iran is obliged to do.

,” said Bahram Ghasemi reacting to recent remarks by deputy foreign secretary of the UK, on Thursday.

Qassemi underlined that Iran’s principled policy in the region has been establishing and maintaining stability, and said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran had spared no effort to improve security conditions in the region; it has been emphasized repeatedly that region’s stability should be established and reinforced by regional states and the presence of foreign forces is a main cause of instability and conflict.”

He pointed to the recent efforts UK to make a return to the Persian Gulf, and said, “An obvious example of destructive role of foreign forces in the Persian Gulf could be the abuse made by some British officials who try to reverse the reality in order to justify their interventionist efforts in the Persian Gulf and use the opportunity to increase their military presence.

Qassemi said that Iran considers UK’s participation in arming some regional states for attacking the innocent people of Yemen and slaughtering Yemeni civilians, women and children as the clear example of destabilizing efforts in the region.”

In relevant remarks on Wednesday, Qassemi voiced concern about the overt and covert support for terrorists, and said Iran has always supported peace and tranquility in the region.

“Stability and security are the top priorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the region which will be possible only through proper understanding of the situation and distinguishing stability promoters from anarchists who support terrorists,” Qassemi said.

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman pointed to the remarks made by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Bahrain about Iran’s role in Iraq, and said, “Erdogan seems impressed by certain conditions, since among the leaders of regional countries, he is totally aware of Iran’s constructive role in stabilizing the region, particularly in Iraq.”

Qassemi reiterated that Iran’s positive role in Iraq is at the request of the legitimate government of the country to confront the terrorist groups whose evil deeds have reached the heart of Turkey too.

Iranian Foreign ministry spokesman addressed Turkish authorities, voicing concern over instability in the region by overt and covert supports for the terrorists and instrumental use of the terrorists to encroach on national sovereignty and territorial integrity of neighboring countries.

The Turkish president in a recent speech delivered in Bahrain had criticized Iran’s role in its neighboring country of Iraq.

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