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“Al-Quds Amanati” Forum, event to rally support for J’lem

18 February 2017 11:46

The forum of “al-Quds Amanati (Jerusalem is my responsibility)” will kick off on Saturday morning in Gaza City under the auspices of al-Quds International Institution and will receive special media coverage from the Palestinian Information Center (PIC).

According to its organizers, the forum aims to mobilize the Muslim nation to support Jerusalem and the Aqsa Mosque and contribute to confronting Israel’s violations against them.

Director of the forum Bilal Amer told the PIC that the event would be an important occasion to educate young people about the reality of the Jerusalem issue and the dangers threatening its Islamic and Arab identity.

Amer added that the event would empower young people to do their part in protecting Jerusalem against Israel’s crimes that target its holy sites, land and residents.

He said that the forum is a broad network of young people from different countries who have worked together in an awareness campaign on Jerusalem launched recently by the International Irada Youth Society in the Turkish city of Istanbul.


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