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Homs: Syrian Army Continues to Advance Near Al-Jahar Oilfield

19 February 2017 8:31

Homs: Syrian Army Continues to Advance Near Al-Jahar Oilfield


The Syrian army troops and their allies continued to advance in the Eastern parts of Homs and retook control of several positions near al-Jahar oilfield.

The army forces attacked ISIL’s positions near the al-Baydha road in the Eastern parts of T4 military base in Eastern Homs and regained control of several points near al-Jahar oilfield and al-Hayal mountain.

During the large-scale operations, tens of terrorists were killed and wounded.

A military source said that after sustaining heavy defeats in Eastern Homs, the ISIL militants have now gone on the defense, staying on alert for the army’s impending offensive operation in the region.

Earlier today military sources said that the Syrian army troops and popular forces are about to reach the strategic Triangle of Palmyra (Tadmur), inching closer to driving out ISIL terrorists from the ancient city.

FNA dispatches quoted the military sources in Eastern Homs as saying that the army and popular forces will reach Tadmur triangle in coming hours and will have only several kilometers more to go to reach the main entrance of the city of Tadmur.

The dispatches said that anti-ISIL attacks of government forces continue in the villages of Eastern Homs with the massive support of the Russian air force. The government forces are fortifying the newly-liberated positions, specially after the liberation of the key village of al-Kalabiyeh.

Another military source told FNA that the main objective of the army’s operation is reaching the Tadmur triangle, adding, “The army has already seize

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