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Video- Tiger Forces expel ISIS from 8 villages in eastern Aleppo

19 February 2017 8:48


The Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) Tiger Forces have proven worthy of their reputation in recent weeks as their commander-in-chief Suheil al-Hassan has led his seasoned assault troops to liberate 8 villages from the Islamic State.

At 2:17 in the must-see video above, a military helicopter can be seen hovering above the battlefield. In fact, this was none other than Colonel Suheil al-Hassan himself, commanding his legendary troops from the frontline.

While the SAA is pushing steadily through rural areas in eastern Aleppo, the Tiger Forces are now faced with the option of either intervening in the battle of Al-Bab or initiating a battle of their own for the Islamic State stronghold of Deir Hafer.

The Tiger Forces are considered the SAA’s most elite assault unit and are generously supplied with the newest military equipment. Meanwhile, the Republican Guard represents the SAA’s strongest defensive branch and is usually tasked accordingly.

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