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Masri: Prisoners’ freedom no bargaining chip, Israeli threats futile

20 February 2017 15:39


All the temptations and threats made by the Israeli occupation to know the fate of the soldiers held captive in Gaza are just futile, Hamas leader Musheer al-Masri said on Sunday evening.

According to al-Masri, the armed wing of Hamas resistance movement—al-Qassam Brigades—will never yield in to Israel’s threats and blackmails as regards the prisoners’ issue.

Speaking during a ceremony held in eastern Khan Younis, to the south of Gaza Strip, to mourn the al-Qassam resistance fighter Ahmed Assaad al-Berim, al-Masri said: “Al-Qassam intellect has created a strategic balance in terms of the deterrence mechanisms that will bring about victory.”

“In al-Qassam’s thesaurus, truce is not synonymous with passivity and submissiveness; it rather designates a state of alert whereby tens of thousands of fighters are being trained on the ground and underground, and at sea,” he noted.

The Palestinian MP added that the flames of the Palestinian resistance will not wind down until every single inch of occupied Palestine, including Jerusalem, is liberated.

“There is no way that Gaza could eat humble pie or surrender to the Israeli threats and blackmails,” he vowed.

“The episodes of the Palestine epic will be written by our legendary detainees in their struggle for freedom in Israeli jails, where they have been locked up for dozens of years,” al-Masri concluded.


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