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ISIS giving way to Kurdish forces by retreating from 8 villages in eastern Raqqa to provide an excuse for Turkish occupation

21 February 2017 15:55


After capturing dozens of villages in eastern Raqqa over the past week, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) followed up on Tuesday by seizing another 8 villages from collapsing Islamic State forces.

Effectively, the predominately Kurdish SDF were able to impose full control over Budayan, Naflah, Mukhkhah, Bir Qurat, Tal Sha’er, Mastur, Kuwaytar, Qaryat Sukkar and an important pibeline facility in the region.

These villages are located on the provincial border between Raqqa and Deir Ezzor; due to the unprecedented advances that occured on two flanks this morning, ISIS fighters in the villages of Al-Qarah and Bir Abu Tutah may soon face encirclement.

The SDF offensive is heavily supported by US-led coalition airstrikes and represents phase III of the Euphrates Wrath campaign that ultimately looks to expel the Islamic State from Raqqa city itself.

More gains are underway as we speak while ISIS militants appear to be completely retreating from the region without offering much resistance.

Turkish government has been seeking for an excuse to invade Syrian territories claiming that Kurdish forces’ advance is an obvious reason for military operation out of Syrian border.

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