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Hamas: We agree with Shallah regarding PA collaboration with Israel

22 February 2017 15:15



Hamas on Wednesday said it agrees with Ramadan Shallah, the secretary general of the Islamic Jihad Movement, as regards the impediments set by the Palestinian Authority (PA) before the Palestinian resistance.

Hamas spokesman Hazim Kassim said the PA, run by Mahmoud Abbas, has stood as a stumbling block before the popular uprising in the occupied West Bank.

Kassim spoke out against the ongoing Security coordination between the Israeli occupation and the PA.

Hamas remarks were released after Fatah Movement on Tuesday evening lashed out at Shallah following his comments at the 6th International Conference to Support the Palestinian Intifada, held in Tehran.

In his speech at the conference, Shallah leveled heavy criticism at the Fatah-affiliated PA for its security cooperation with the Israeli occupation.

“We agree with Shallah that the PA is the weakest chain in the Palestinian anti-occupation struggle,” said Kassim. “Israel has even profited from such a stance to crack down on the Palestinian resistance and implement its schemes.”

“Shallah is a national icon. He holds a clear vision of the anti-occupation struggle,” said Hamas, reiterating its support for the ten-bond initiative put forth by Shallah sometime earlier.

Kassim called on the Arabs and Muslims to combine forces in the face of the Israeli occupation.


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