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Pres. Rouhani: Iran to continue to stand with Syrian people, back Palestine despite hurdles

22 February 2017 13:24


President Hassan Rouhani while noting the high price Iranian people have so far paid for their support of Palestine against Israeli occupation, said the nation is still determined to continue its unsparing support.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani made the remarks in his meeting with Chairman of the Palestinian National Council Salim Zanoun on Wednesday on the sidelines of the 6th International Conference on Palestinian Intifada that is currently underway in Tehran with representatives of 80 countries in attendance.

President Rouhani deemed the holding of the conference an indicative of Iran’s unchanging determination for supporting Palestinian people, adding “any move in line with defending the rights of Muslim people, particularly the Palestinians, is of high importance to us.”

Salim Zanoun, for his part, hailed the successful holding of the conference by Iran, and voiced his deep appreciation for the efforts and supports of the Islamic Republic for Palestine and the Palestinian cause.

“We need to stand firm by each other and do not allow any other issue to overshadow the significant issue of the liberation of Palestine and the address of the criminal acts of the Zionist regime against us,” he said.

He went on to add, “the positions and viewpoints of participants at Tehran’s conference in support of Palestine were highly promising and encouraging.”

Iran to stand by Syrian people

The Iranian President made the remarks at a meeting on Wednesday morning in Tehran with Parliament Speaker of the People’s Assembly of the Syrian Arab Republic Ms. Hadiyeh Khalaf Abbas.

Rouhani extended congratulations on recent victories of Syrian people against terrorists stating “in the past months, positive developments have been observed in Syria as evidenced by the change in views of world governments who are bound to succumb to realities of Syria.”

“Like always, Iran will remain on the side of Syrian people in the fight against terrorism and upcoming peace talks,” he continued.

The senior Iranian official, while referring to difficult and tough conditions experienced by Syrians, reiterated that Syria’s support of the Palestinian cause partly explains the pressure imposed against people of Syria in recent years.

“Syria has always led the frontier of Resistance which explains high pressures against its people,” noted Rouhani.

Iran’s President deemed establishment of peace and stability in Syria to the benefit of Palestine and the region asserting “Palestine remains as the most significant issue in the Islamic world and we hope the 6th International Conference on Palestinian Intifada will mark a major step towards resolving regional issues.”

Speaker of People’s Assembly of Syria Khalaf Abbas, for her part, conveyed warm greetings of the Syrian government and people to President Rouhani saying “the people of Syria appreciate generous supports of Iran in the absence of which no victory would have been obtained.”

She pointed to the importance of coordination between Tehran and Damascus in the fight against terrorists adding “bilateral coordination will offer fruitful and positive outcomes as Syrian issues have taken up constructive approaches as regards political and military dimensions.”

Hadiyeh Khalaf Abbas also called for further strengthening of Iran-Syria ties maintaining that Syria attached great importance to bolstering multilateral relations with Iran.

On holding of the Conference on Palestinian Intifada at present circumstances, the visiting official explained “the event will exert positive effects on backing the Palestinian cause especially at a time when several Arab and Western countries want the Palestinian issue to be overlooked.”

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