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Syria: Tens of FSA-Linked Terrorists Killed in Clashes with ISIL in Dara’a

22 February 2017 12:36


Infighting has intensified between ISIL-affiliated militants and their rival terrorists from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the Western countryside of Dara’a, leaving over 70 militants dead mostly from the FSA, sources in Southern Syria revealed on Tuesday.

The sources said that militants of Jeish Khaled, affiliated to the ISIL, stormed the positions of Liwa Shohada al-Horiyeh and Ferqah al-Haq affiliated to the FSA in Hawz Yarmouk and managed to take control of Tal (hill) Majmou and the towns of Saham al-Joulan, Tasil, Adwan and Jalin.

Over 50 fighters from Liwa Shohada al-Horiyeh and Ferqah al-Haq were also killed in the clashes, added the sources.

Al-massdar said that 70 militants from both sides were killed in the infighting in Dara’a but most of them were from the two FSA-linked terrorist groups.

Sources privy to the terrorist groups in Southern Syria disclosed on Wednesday that vice-chairman of the delegation sent by an FSA-affiliated group to the first round of Astana talks has been killed in a bomb blast North-East Dara’a.

Tallal al-Khalaf, the Vice-Chairman of the tribal delegation and military representative of Jeish al-Ahrar Tribes – a branch of the FSA – to the Astana talks on Syria, was killed in a booby-trap explosion as he was driving  his car from Jadal to al-Shayah in al-Lejah region.

Three of al-Khalaf’s aides were also killed in the terror attack.

Al-Khalaf was the commander of the Tribes branch and deputy commander of Jeish al-Ahrar terrorist group that operates under the FSA.

No one has thus far claimed responsibility for the attack.

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