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The Political Scene: Echo of Sayyed Nasrallah Speech

23 February 2017 11:28


Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah’s speech at the ceremony of the martyred leaders, last week, has had a resonating effect and a strong message that echoed through the Arab and Islamic worlds as well as in the Israeli enemy circles.

The message Sayyed Nasrallah delivered was a message of strength, readiness, steadfastness and support to the Umma’s prime cause represented by Palestine.

The importance of the message is two-fold:

First, it evokes the position of the resistance and steadfastness axis at a time when the Israeli enemy is escalating its settlement schemes and Judaization plots against the Palestinian territories.

Second, the Israeli enemy is making use of the vacuum he thinks it exists because of the preoccupation of Hezbollah and Syria in the world War on Syria . ‘Israel’ was further emboldened by the election of Donald Trump to US presidency and his unwavering full support to its plans. As such, ‘Israel’ escalated its threats to Hezbollah and Lebanon.

However, it was unlikely that the Israeli threats receive no respond; Sayyed Nasrallah gave a very strong one indeed, Dimona equation came into existence. The new Equation has asserted that the resistance has always more surprises than the enemy can predict, undoubtedly very effective ones.

Dimona equation has demonstrated enough readiness and strength to confront any Israeli aggression against Lebanon.

It also has consolidated the already existing deterring equation which has been into effect since the 33 day Israeli aggression in 2006. Hezbollah’s resistance logic has been further strengthened and consolidated by Lebanese president Michel Aoun who assured that any Israeli aggression against Lebanon will draw a direct respond from Lebanon.

This unified Lebanese position has put ‘Israel’ in a state of confusion where Israeli officials have started making their calculations again.

In conclusion, Lebanon has proved again its strong national position, which will serve the Lebanese immunity and protection and put the country among the few independent countries where its security and strategic force is home-made  and not imported from outside.

Source: Al-Manar Website


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