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3 VIDEOS: Tiger Forces liberate 15 villages from ISIS in five days

26 February 2017 8:54


ISIS is unquestionably on the retreat in the eastern Aleppo countryside as the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has captured village after village over the past week, thereby gradually pushing towards the Euphrates River.

Since last Wednesday, the SAA’s Tiger Forces have liberated 15 villages;
Rasm Al-Harmel Al-Imam, Tayyar Hamadah, Mazburah, Rasm al-Khabbaz, Rasm al-Sheikh, Al-Kitah, Abu Jabbar Al-Khabirah, Umm Kharazah, Al-Mustarihah, Qasr al-Burayj, Al-Manazir, Shanhasah, Al-Jadedah, Khan Kayar, and Abu Jabbar as-Saghirah

The SAA offensive looks to encircle the Islamic State stronghold of Deir Hafer an also cutoff the Turkish Armed Forces from advancing deeper into Syria.

Notably, the Tiger Forces are now less than 10 kilometers from linking up with the non-hostile Syrian Democratic Forces near Manbij.

The Tiger Forces are the SAA’s most elite assault troops and are generously supplied with the newest military equipment. This seasoned unit is commanded by Colonel Suheil Al-Hassan.

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