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Exclusive: Syrian Army prepares to capture the entirety of Dara’a

26 February 2017 8:51


Reinforcements from the Syrian Arab Army’s battle-hardened Republican Guard have arrived to the government-held portions of the provincial capital of Dara’a ahead of a major offensive intended not only to clear Manshieh district from jihadist presence, but to also secure the entire city.

Needless to say, the operation will include capturing the adjacent Jordanian border-crossing which reputable sources report will be opened soon for commercial use between the two Middle Eastern nations. 500 especially-trained storming troops will form the piercing head of the offensive.

On the other hand, jihadist rebels find themselves occupied in a terrible conflict with ISIS-linked Jaish Khalid Ibn al-Walid in Hawd al-Yarmouk region in western Dara’a where ISIS managed to almost double its territory while rebels busied themselves with their stillborn offensive in Manshieh district.

Over 300 rebels were reportedly killed over the past week fighting the Syrian Army and ISIS in Dara’a in addition to hundreds wounded. ISIS is now less than a kilometer from Nawa, the largest rebel-controlled city in southern Syria.

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