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Iraqi Nujaba Movement Ready to Join Syrian Army Operation to Liberate Occupied Golan

26 February 2017 8:45


Sheikh Akram al-Ka’abi, the leader of Hezbollah al-Nujaba, a major Iraqi Shiite resistance movement fighting the ISIL, underlined his forces’ preparedness to cooperate with the Syrian Army troops to liberate the Golan region occupied by Israeli forces.

Al-Ka’abi said that the ISIL terrorist group is implementing an Israeli-initiated road map under the supervision of the US with the cooperation of Turkey and Arab states of the Persian Gulf in the region.

“And our presence in Syria is aimed at resisting against this plot,” Ka’abi underscored.

He further underlined Iraqi al-Nujaba movement’s full readiness to take part in a war to liberate Israeli-occupied Golan Heights shoulder to shoulder with the Syrian Army soldiers.

A spokesman of Iraq’s Hezbollah al-Nujaba Movement declared in a statement in January that his fighters would fight against the terrorist groups in Syria until driving all of them out of the neighboring country.

“We were the first group (of popular forces) to have arrived in Syria to fight terrorists and we will stay there until the last terrorist leaves the country,” Seyed Hashem al-Moussavi said in his statement.

He reiterated that the Iraqi popular forces fight against the terrorist groups for humanitarian reasons, and said, “The reason for our presence in Syria is only to fight terrorism.”

His words came as Syrian soldiers, the Lebanese Hezbollah fighters and the Iraqi al-Nujaba Movement were about to carry out a joint operation on the Southern outskirts of Aleppo city to liberate the districts of Rashedeen 4 and 5 and then rush to Khan Touman to free the town from Jeish Al-Fatah coalition of terrorist groups.

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