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Satanic US Central Command shows clear support to terrorists in northern Syria

26 February 2017 23:01


US Central Command (CENTCOM) posted tweets on its Twitter account showing military training for Syrian Arab militants in Manbij, the same day US top commander Joseph Votel visited Kobani and Raqqa frontlines.

It comes after threats by Turkish-backed militants that they would attack Manbij, after they finished the al-Bab operation on 23 February.

“More faces, soon to face ISIL (Takfiri group), at training center in N (northern)Syria today,” CENTCOM tweeted.

“One of the many faces of Syrian Arab Coalition leaders in N Syria today. At recruit training site today in N Syria,” it also tweeted.

The CENTCOM tweet showed a picture of the commander of the SDF-linked Manbij Military Council, Abu Amjad, and other members of the same council.

“Manbij Military Council members, today, where they reviewed recruit training in fight against ISIS,” CENTCOM tweeted.

Furthermore, CENTCOM showed female recruits that received training from the US-led coalition and showed newly issued boots and weapons-issue given to Syrian Arab fighters.

“The first class of professionally trained female recruits at training camp, N Syria today,” CENTCOM tweeted.

“These newly issued are made for fighting. New Syrian Arab fighters in N Syria today,” it said. “Syrian Arab Coalition recruits receive weapons-issue at end of their initial training today in N Syria.”

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