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Syrian Army Seizes back Key Energy-Rich Field from ISIL East of Homs

26 February 2017 22:49


Syrian Army troops stormed ISIL’s defense lines in Eastern Homs and beat the terrorists back from al-Maher oil and gas field with the back up of the country’s fighter jets and artillery fire.

The army soldiers, backed up by warplanes and artillery units’ heavy fire, managed to advance against ISIL and captured al-Maher energy field, killing and wounding a number of terrorists.

A field source said that the army aircraft’s heavy bombardments and artillery units’ fire inflicted major losses on the ISIL.

Elsewhere in the same province, the Syrian fighter jets pounded terrorists’ positions and gatherings in al-Waer district in the Northeastern outskirts of Homs city in retaliation for the terrorists’ suicide attack.

On Saturday, the army troops warded off another attack of ISIL in Eastern Homs and then in a rapid counterattack managed to drive terrorists out of more positions West of ancient Palmyra (Tadmur).

The army soldiers deployed in the farms near the villages of Tarfeh al-Qarbi and Tarfeh al-Sharqi engaged in heavy fighting with ISIL that had attacked them from its positions in the Western parts of al-Bayarat region and al-Moqsem region.

Field sources said that the army men engaged in clashes with ISIL for hours and managed to fend off their attack, killing and wounding at least 58 terrorists.

The sources added that the army units carried out rapid counterattack on ISIL in then farms East of Tarfeh al-Sharqi and managed to reach the entrances of al-Moqsem and could advance deep into ISIL’s positions in the Eastern part of the region.

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