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Syria: ISIL Terrorists Withdraw from More Lands in Eastern Aleppo

28 February 2017 13:14


The Syrian government forces continued their attacks on ISIL positions East of Aleppo province and captured three small, but strategic towns in the region.

The army soldiers continued to clash with ISIL fiercely in Eastern Aleppo and managed to seize control over the towns of Jubb al-Homam, Jubb al-Sultan and al-Za’aroureh.

In the meantime, the army units prevailed over ISIL’s defense lines and opened their way into Fikheh al-Saqireh village in Eastern Aleppo.

Heavy fighting between ISIL and the army men is underway in Fikheh al-Saqireh, yet reports said the terrorists have already sustained over a dozen casualties so far.

Earlier reports said that the army men engaged in fierce clashes with ISIL North of the town of Qasr al-Brij and managed to drive the terrorists out of the towns of Nabateh al-Saqireh and Nabateh al-Kabireh.

ISIL suffered heavy casualties in the attack.

A field source said that the army men kicked off their attack on ISIL positions from the towns of Masriheh and Qasr al-Brij and from there they could hit terrorists’ defense lines and capture Nabateh al-Saqireh and Nabateh al-Kabireh.

The source added that the army soldiers are about to continue their operation and free the towns of Khirbet al-Zib, Ji’eh, al-Lawa, Jubb al-Sultan, Jubb al-Homam, Sakeriyeh al-Saqireh, Tafriheh al-Saqireh and Tafriheh al-Kabireh.

According to the source, the advances of the army and its allies are poised towards Kurdish positions. “The resistance forces are only 8km away from the Kurdish forces’ positions South of the town of Manbij.”

The newly-liberated town of Nabateh al-Saqireh is just 8km to the town of Houteh in Manbij area that is controlled by the Kurds.

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