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PHOTOS: Repairs begin on Hayyan gas fields as Syrian Army secures the area from terrorist ISIS

10 March 2017 16:28


Syrian government engineering teams have begun inspecting and started working on restoring the Hayyan gas field in eastern Homs countryside after being liberated by the Syrian Army from ISIS terrorists.

The Syrian oil minister said in a tour of the gas field that the damage to the company facility building is estimated to be around 65% after ISIS detonated bombs before retreating.

So far, workers were able to extinguish fire on two gas wells and are currently working on the three others after being set on fire by ISIS as well.

The Hayyan gas field used to produce around 5 Million Cubic Meters of Natural Gas before being captured and then destroyed by ISIS, which was a major reason for the power shortage across Syria, that is still being felt today.

No specified time was given on how long it will take to restore the gas fields, but it is expected to take months.

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