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ISIL Besieged in Tal Afar by Hashd Al-Shaabi

11 March 2017 17:39


Spokesman of Hashd al-Shaabi (Iraqi mobilization forces) Ali al-Hosseini announced that the ISIL terrorist group is now under a tight siege by the mobilized forces after cutting all its supply routes towards Syria.

“The Hashd al-Shaabi forces have cut off all the supply routes of the ISIL in the strategic city of Tal Afar, specially from the western direction which leads to the Syrian borders,” al-Hosseini told FNA on Saturday.

He said that laying siege on the ISIL can greatly facilitate the liberation of all Tal Afar region and adjacent areas.

Al-Hosseini also said that the ISIL terrorists’ morale has weakened after all routes used to send aid to them were blocked.

Earlier this week, the Iraqi mobilization forces made an important advance Northwest of Tal Afar after they took control of the mountainous region near al-Ayathia villages, thereby gradually encircling the ISIL stronghold in Nineveh Province.

ISIL sustained at least 30 casualties while five car bombs were utilized to counter the advancing mobilization troops, however the Iraqi forces were able to destroy the car bombs well before they reach their positions.

This newly captured area can be used by the mobilization forces as a launching pad to storm Tal Afar and direct a large-scale offensive on the city.

Meanwhile, local sources said on Tuesday that the Iraqi troops have kept on their advances towards Tal Afar and are now in the distance of 5 to 8 km from the city.

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