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Map of the Syrian Army’s battle plan in east Aleppo

12 March 2017 10:02



The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has made remarkable progress in the eastern countryside of Aleppo these past two months, liberating more than 150 villages and 12 strategic hilltops en route their recent advance to the Jirah Military Airport.

Much of the Syrian Arab Army’s success has come as a result of their four phase assault, which has concentrated on liberating different sections of the Islamic State’s (ISIS) territory in the eastern countryside of Aleppo.

Phase 1: Tadef

The first phase of this offensive was to liberate all of the villages separating the Kuweires Airbase and the strategic town of Tadef.

This would turn out to be the longest phase, as they had to liberate dozens of villages before reaching Tadef and then seizing control of the town shortly after the Turkish forces captured Al-Bab.

Phase 2: Cutoff Turkish Army from southeast Aleppo

The second phase of this offensive was arguably the most important part of the operation because cutting off the Turkish Army from southeast Aleppo had to be done in order to halt their expansion south towards the imperative rural territory of Syria.

Phase 3: Reach Lake Assad

Phase 3 was expected to be a long operation; however, the Islamic State’s sudden collapse and retreat towards the Jirah Airbase paved the way for the Syrian Army to not only reach Lake Assad, but also capture the terrorist group’s stronghold at Al-Khafsa.

Phase 4: Cut the Islamic State’s supply route from Al-Raqqa to Deir Hafer

The Syrian Arab Army is currently involved in the fourth phase of this offensive, which includes the assault on the Jirah Airbase and the obstruction of the Islamic State’s supply route from the Al-Raqqa Governorate to Deir Hafere.

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