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Resistance Front Launching Concurrent Anti-ISIL Operations in Mosul, Eastern Aleppo

12 March 2017 21:51


The situation of the battlegrounds in Iraq and Syria clearly show the start of a new chapter in the equations of Western Asia, specially in confronting the crisis created by Takfiri terrorism in the region.

The Syrian and Iraqi armies along with the resistance forces have been able to liberate two symmetrical fronts, Mosul and Eastern Aleppo.

Meantime, the ISIL terrorist group is facing serious problems with regard to human resources and logistics given the current status quo in Iraq and Syria’s Northern borders.

Analysts believe that the resistance front’s plan to continue the operations in Mosul and Syria’s Northern regions with the help of the two countries’ governments will lead to ISIL’s further frustration and will force the terrorist group to a more passive position.

A senior Iraqi officer said on Sunday that government forces are now in control over at least a third of Western Mosul since operations targeting ISIL militants in that region launched in February.

Maan al-Saadi, commander of the second division of the elite Counter-Terrorism Force, said Iraqi forces had regained control over more than a third of the region, with troops proceeding to liberate the rest of districts in that section.

Also, the Syrian army troops and popular forces as well as the Air Force along with Russian warplanes targeted the positions and movements of ISIL in Eastern Aleppo on Sunday, killing and wounding tens of terrorists, including several non-Syrian fighters.

The army’s artillery units shelled ISIL’s positions near al-Jarah military airport, Maskanah settlement and its surrounding regions.

The Syrian and Russian fighter jets pounded ISIL’s positions near al-Jarah military airport, Maskanah settlement and the nearby regions simultaneous with the army’s artillery attack, destroying a position in Maskanah and killing ten terrorists, including foreign ones.

In the meantime, the Human Rights Watch reported that at least 26 ISIL terrorists have been killed in Eastern Aleppo in the last 24 hours.

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