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Syria: Terrorists to Leave Key Settlement in Northwestern Outskirts of Homs City

12 March 2017 22:45


Terrorists and their families will be evacuated from al-Wa’er following the conclusion of an agreement between militants and the Syrian army.

Local sources said that based on an agreement inked by representatives of the militants and the army, the terrorists that have turned down the peace agreement will leave al-Wa’er along with their family members to be relocated to militant-held regions in Idlib or to the Northern parts of Homs province.

The sources added that the agreement was struck under Russian monitoring.

They added that the militants that intend to join the peace agreement with the Syrian government should hand over their weapons to relevant officials to apply for government amnesty.

The total number of the terrorists in al-Wa’er stands at 1,500-2,000.

Arab media outlets reported on Thursday that a Russian delegation and representatives of militants held a meeting over a new peace agreement between the Damascus government and militant groups in al-Wa’er settlement.

The Arabic language al-Hadath reported that the Russian delegation and militants’ representatives explored new avenues to reach a new peace agreement in al-Wa’er settlement and region.

In the meantime, Sputnik reported that the Free Syrian Army militant group agreed to cease fire in the al-Wa’er region.

Osama Abu Zeid, a representative of the Syrian armed opposition, announced in a statement his group’s agreement with the new peace plan, the statement said.

The document was signed in al-Wa’er, the statement said.

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